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Healthy chickens lay the best eggs. So we take the happiness of our hens seriously, providing ideal conditions to produce superior eggs.

We make nutritionally balanced feed in-house without antibiotics or hormones that enhances both the unique flavour and omega-3 content of our eggs. Thanks to the expert care provided by family farmers with years of experience, Daybreak Farms eggs are consistent, delicious, and an important part of northwest meals.

Daybreak Farm egg carton

Our eggs

We collect, grade, and pack our eggs on site as quickly as possible so that they arrive at your community grocery with guaranteed freshness. It’s the closest you’ll get to having your own flock.

All of our eggs are Grade A and available in 12-pack or 18-pack cartons or overwrapped flats in a different ranges and variety of sizes

White Eggs

Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium

Brown Eggs

Jumbo, Large

Free Run


Omega 3


Crème Caramel